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We strive to go above and beyond to provide our patients with excellent care, and your comfort is our priority. These were the philosophies on which BDG was built and we continue to uphold these values today. We are also constantly evolving, through new technologies and treatments, to provide our patients with the best care possible.

Personalized Dentistry

Here at BDG we look forward to getting to know you personally so we can tailor your treatment to fit your unique needs. We are also proud to offer a multidisciplinary team approach which allows us to take care of more of your needs in our office.

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Providing you with maximum level of comfort & professionalism in every visit!

BDG Offers Several
Types Of Sleep Solutions


Solea® is a CO2 dental laser that is improving the patient experience with every successful procedure. Used for your snoring resolution.


This extraoral imaging offers focused imaging for a single tooth, airway, sinus, and nasal airway imaging, and even full cranial base including jaw joints.


Now, the Vivos System® offers a permanent solution to obstructive sleep apnea without surgery or masks.


The ProSomnus Sleep Device is made of custom-formed plastic based upon digitally accurate scans of the upper and lower arches.

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All dentistry at Bellevue Dental Group is performed by a General Dentist.

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