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Axeos™ CBCT Machine

Our patients enjoy the most comfortable CBCT experience with our Axeos™ 2D and 3D scans with automatic positioning assistance. This extraoral imaging offers a range of capabilities from focused imaging for a single tooth to full cranial base including jaw joints.

What is CBCT?

CBCT stands for “Cone-beam computed tomography”. A CBCT system captures information with a cone-shaped X-ray beam created when it rotates around a patient. Allowing Dentist to capture a more accurate X-ray scan.

Benefits of Axeos™

This imaging facilitates both diagnosis and procedure planning with low-dose patient X-ray exposure, while still scanning the patient quickly.

BDG - Axeos™ CBCT Machine

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Axeos™ facilitates important conversations about patient treatment plans by offering superior imaging and digital accuracy for an informed dialogue – and all in one scan. With quick scanning capacity under ten seconds, the added benefit to our patients is a more global visual understanding of proposed diagnoses and/or planning.

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