Crowns and Bridges

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Crowns and Bridges

If you have a broken down or diseased tooth you may be best served with a crown or a bridge. Crowns are fabricated for teeth missing significant tooth structure because of a crack or a large filling, or for other cosmetic reasons. Crowns are made of hard, durable material which helps protect the tooth from further fracture. A bridge is fabricated to replace a missing tooth and uses the adjacent teeth for support. This prevents the teeth around the missing tooth from moving and affecting your bite.

Preparing the Natural Tooth

Crowns and bridges can be made in different materials. Depending on the material chosen, the tooth needs to be shaved down to accommodate the crown or the bridge. Once that is done, we will use the Primescan digital scanner to take thousands of photos of the tooth (no more impressions!).  Finally, your dentist will prepare a temporary crown to be worn until your custom crown has been made and shipped – typically a process lasting around two weeks.

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CEREC® Crowns and Bridges

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC®) is leading edge technology that allows your custom restorations to be made in-clinic without compromise. Once you have been anesthetized with local anesthetic, your dentist will prepare your natural tooth by etching it with an electric tool.

If you do not require a root canal and you are having a bridge placed to conceal a lost tooth, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will be prepared to accommodate the crown and false tooth. A crown conceals a missing tooth by replacing it with a false tooth that is anchored to natural teeth to hold it securely in place. Our crowns and bridges are as natural looking as your natural teeth and their shape and colour blends seamlessly with the rest of your dental arch.

We are proud to offer Primescan technology for high resolution digital scans of your teeth. This is done with a want that will scan the inside of the mouth and produce an accurate representation for your dentist in under a minute. From there, your dentist uses the information from your digital scan to produce a custom-fit crown in your natural tooth’s colour and likeness.

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Once your crown or bridge is ready to receive its crown(s) and the natural teeth have been prepared. Note that although your restorations are unharmed by plaque or food debris, it is important to continue to brush the crown and the surrounding tissues in order to prevent irritation of the soft tissues from bacterial overgrowth. If you are already brushing and flossing consistently, you can expect not to have to make changes to your routine to care for your restorations.

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