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Our Sleep Solutions

Fragmented, non restorative sleep affects our physical health, mental capacity, emotional resourcefulness and sense of thriving.  We seek to understand the unique factors affecting your sleep and offer a variety of corrective, management and supportive options.  Some of these options include

1. Home Sleep Testing (Diagnostics)

Screening for sleep disturbed breathing disorders can be as easy as wearing a ring in the comfort of your own bed.  This small device provides incredibly detailed information.

2. Axeos (3D Diagnostics and Digital Treatment Planning)

Diagnostic speculation is dramatically reduced with 3D imaging.   This imaging is foundational for orthodontics & airway assessment, root canal diagnostics, surgical and implant treatment planning among many other applications. 

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3. Adult Orthodontic Airway Improvement (Vivos System - Corrective)

Rather than just managing sleep breathing problems with CPAP and snoring devices, these removable orthodontic appliances can open and develop the airway. This approach reduces and potentially eliminates dependence on traditional management  strategies. The appliances can offer sleep apnea management designs while growing the airway.

Now, the Vivos System® offers a permanent solution to obstructive sleep apnea without surgery or masks. The Vivos System® is a customized dental appliance that is worn more than 12 hours per day in order to place continuous pressure on key points of the dental palate in order to expand its shape over time.

4. Pediatric Growth Guides

By age 4, almost 60% of jaw growth has been achieved.  Orthodontics goes beyond simply aligning teeth and can accomplish growth in facial structure that supports airway and breathing.  Growth guides can intercept airway and crowding problems at a very young age and have been used in children as young as 18 months old. 

5. Myofunctional Therapy

(Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy OMFT) for Children and Adults - Corrective

“The tongue is the architect of the mouth” B Miraglia

Orofacial Myofunctional disorders may affect breast feeding, facial skeletal growth and development, chewing, swallowing, speech, sleep disordered breathing and a number of other problems.  Most originate with insufficient nasal breathing and subsequent muscle adaptations.  Improper swallowing and resting position of the tongue create constant damaging forces as bone yields to muscle during growth and development. 

OMFT helps to restore proper eating, speaking, breathing and sleeping.  OMFT by itself or in conjunction with tongue tie release can dramatically reduce sleep apnea scores in children and adults.

6. Tongue Tie Release

New borns, Children and Adults (Corrective)

Tethered lips and tongue manifest themselves immediately after birth with nursing.  These result in a poor latch, inability to stimulate milk production, painful nursing, clicking /swallowing air, colic,  prolonged and frequent nursing and numerous other problems.  If unaddressed, a tongue tie adversely affects growth of the jaws and airway and may contribute to mouth breathing, night terrors, bed wetting persisting to teen years, poor sleep, daytime sleepiness, obesity, ADHD like symptoms, behavioural problems, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbed breathing. These continue into adulthood and often worsen. 

A tongue tie release can create instant improvement /resolution with nursing newborns and set a healthier growth trajectory.

7. Sleep Snoring Appliances

Prosomnus, Somnomed, Panthera (Management)

Oftentimes a successful alternative to CPAP for treatment of sleep apnea, these appliances stabilize the lower jaw to prevent collapse of the airway and reduce / eliminate snoring.

8. Solea Sleep Laser Treatment (Supportive)

“A face lift for the soft palate”

Solea Sleep offers a solution for snoring by tightening the collagen layer of the soft palate and reducing the flutter.  This is not a recognized treatment for sleep apnea, but supports improved nasal breathing and better (quieter) sleep.  Results last 12 – 24 months.

9. Collaboration with Specialists

BDG is thrilled to be able to collaborate and refer directly to numerous specialists in providing team solutions for Sleep breathing disorders.  These include: Sleep Medicine Specialty, (Pediatric and Adult), ENT, Maxillofacial Surgery Orthodontists, Sleep Lab  and CPAP providers.

If you have questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

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